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Russell Martin Hates The Red Sox? In Other News, The Ocean Is Very, Very Big

In a bit of shocking news, and I do mean shocking, New York Yankees catcher Russell Martin came out and hurt the feelings of millions of Boston Red Sox fans everywhere, saying that he hates the team and will do everything he can to keep them out of the postseason.

Yankees catcher Russell Martin had some harsh words for the Red Sox, who are set to enter the Bronx for a three-game series this weekend. "Anything to get the Red Sox out would be awesome for me," Martin told ESPN New York. Asked why, Martin said, "Because I hate the Red Sox." (via WEEI)

This is very sad news, to say the least. Why would anyone hate the Red Sox? Why, Russell, why? What about all that quality time Theo Epstein spent trying to sign you? What terrible news.

Sarcasm aside, Martin is only trying to further bury himself in the Yankee way, if such a thing even exists, and probably would be saying he hates the rivals of any team that he signed with this past offseason. In fact, if the Red Sox actually did sign him, I'm pretty sure he would be saying he hates the Yankees.

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