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Clay Buchholz Injury: Buchholz Could Pitch On Sunday For Red Sox

Drastic times call for drastic measures, and with the Boston Red Sox on the brink of missing the playoffs, they may be rushing back on of their top pitchers with hopes of staving off an early end to their season.

Clay Buchholz, who threw 32 pitches in a simulated game on Tuesday, could pitch for the team as soon as Sunday, according to Red Sox manager Terry Francona, who said that having him pitch on Sunday or Monday would be a best-case scenario. Francona said that Buchholz is still recovering from his simulated game, via

"He's a little sore, not sore in his back, but sore on his side, which we all thought," Francona said. "He's extending a little more than he has in the past. He will do this again either tomorrow or Friday, we're trying to figure out what is in his best interest."

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