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Curt Schilling: Sox Won't Make Playoffs

When one of the greatest pitchers in the last several decades of your organization is coming out and saying he doesn't think you'll be making the playoffs, you must be in trouble. That's the case for the Boston Red Sox, who received less-than-encouraging comments from former pitching great Curt Schilling, who said he doesn't think they'll play in October.

"It's kind of crashing down around them," Schilling said of the Red Sox. "Somebody asked me last night about them making the playoffs and I said, ‘You know how I feel about these guys, you know how I feel about Terry ... I don't want them to make the playoffs because I don't think they have a chance to go anywhere.

"I don't think they're going to make it," Schilling said. "I think there's been a huge momentum shift and I can see Tampa winning out." (via WEEI)

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