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Bobby Jenks Diagnosed With Embolism

According to manager Terry Francona, relief pitcher Bobby Jenks has been diagnosed with a small pulmonary embolism in his lung. The condition was discovered by team doctors when they were trying to diagnose the source of Jenks' ongoing lower back problems.

A pulmonary embolism is a condition that develops when there is a blockage in the main artery of the lungs that has traveled from somewhere else on the body.

The condition is considered serious but not life threatening and the team says that they believe it is under control, but Jenks will not return to the team this season.

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Jenks struggled mightily this season with his control after signing a 2-year $12 million contract, posting a 6.32 ERA in 19 appearances. He has not pitched since throwing a scoreless inning of relief back on July 7th against Baltimore when back problems forced him onto the disabled list.

It was thought that Jenks would require back surgery in the off-season, but that is obviously on hold while he recovers from his embolism.

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