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Manny Ramirez Arrested: Manny Released, Instructed To Avoid Wife

Manny Ramirez had his bail set at $2,500 on Tuesday morning and has been released with instructions to avoid his wife, Juliana, who he is accused of slapping in the face in a domestic dispute at his Florida home on Monday night.

Ramirez, who appeared at Broward County Court on Tuesday morning where his bail was set, was met by family members outside the jail following his release, and he said very little to reporter.

Ramirez was met by several family members when he left jail just before noon EDT and had little to say to reporters while getting into a white Cadillac Escalade. "Let me see, where's my family?" he said in response to questions from the gathered media. (via LA Times)

Ramirez did speak with a Spanish TV reporter and put his arms around two female reporters. Ramirez's sister, who did not identify her name, spoke about her brother, saying that he's an amazing person and she loves him.

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