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David Ortiz: 'At This Point You Panic'

When David Ortiz thinks it's time to panic, then, well, it might be time to panic. Ortiz spoke to reporters about the Boston Red Sox' recent struggles - they were 1-6 on their road trip and were swept by the Tampa Bay Rays. If Ortiz and company keep playing like this, the slugger thinks they could be on the couch come October.

"If we keep on playing like that, we'll be at home in October. ... At this point you panic. Hell yeah, you've got to panic at this point," the slugger told reporters in St. Petersburg. "But you're not going to do anything panicking but playing better. Of course you're freaked out. You go on this road trip 1-6, it's not good. We've got [the Rays] breathing down our necks and we're not in first place, either. We've got to play better." (via WEEI)

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