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John Lackey Fined For Cervelli Hit

John Lackey has reportedly been fined for plunking New York Yankees catcher Francisco Cervelli after the backstop excessively celebrated a home run during Tuesday's 5-2 loss to the Yankees at Fenway Park. The amount of the fine was not released, as the report came from a major league source of's Rob Bradford.

Benches cleared after Lackey hit Cervelli, but he says he didn't mean to do it.

"I was definitely not trying to hit him," Lackey said. "I was trying to knock him down for sure. You can go look to see where he stands in the box. You got to get him off the plate a little bit. I threw a 3-1 pitch that he hit out. I definitely wasn't trying to hit him but I was definitely trying to move him back. You don't want to put a baserunner on in a two-run ballgame." (via WEEI)

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