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David Ortiz Reportedly Concerned About New Contract? Well, That's Just Too Bad

David Ortiz is reportedly concerned about the fact that the Red Sox haven't opened up contract negotiations with him.

The story quotes "a source close to the player" saying, "David is (too) proud and respectful to say how he feels in public, but the guy feels hurt, upset by the way that he is being ignored by the Red Sox." (via Boston Globe)

Look, the guy definitely deserves to get paid. There's no question about that. Theo Epstein and company will just have to decide how long they want to employ him for and how much they want to pay him. If Ortiz doesn't like it, then he'll most likely walk (straight into Yankee Stadium).

But that's not the problem here. Probably the worst thing a player can do is complain about their contract status, even if it's not a direct complaint through the player. Millions upon millions of people struggle to get by every day, some that can't even afford to eat. We don't need another millionaire like Ortiz publicly complaining about his next pay check.

If the report is true, it's good that Ortiz doesn't want to openly complain to the media about his contract. But I have a feeling that Ortiz meant for this to leak out, and if that is the case, it's just disappointing.

Here's some advice, David. Just play ball. You're going to be taken care of, if not by the Red Sox than another team. Wait until the offseason to negotiate new terms, and you'll stay on everyone's good side.

Dave Shook offered more insight on re-signing Ortiz in his recent column.