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Heidi Watney May Be Leaving NESN; Mute Buttons Prepare For Extended Rest

My favorite part of baseball season is the one that most people loathe: Red Sox rain delays.

Well, a particular kind of Red Sox rain delay, namely the one that's broadcast by NESN and lasts long enough that Heidi Watney is forced to uncomfortably lead a baseball conversation with an expert on the sport.

Especially because, as anyone who's spent more than three days watching the Red Sox knows, Watney herself knows nothing about the sport which she covers.

Rumor has it that Watney might be leaving the network for bigger and brighter pastures, a la Hazel Mae, Sage Steele and countless others who have defected from NESN for the Worldwide Leader (there's been no indication that that's where she'd head, but let's be honest, you think FOX News is going to want Watney?).

It wouldn't be surprising; the same rumors circulated last fall when Watney's contract was up, before NESN picked up her one-year option to bring her back to cheer up the Sox' clubhouse with her witty banter and perky persona.

Perky pesona? Sure, why not.

It's uncertain just what NESN might do to replace her if she does leave - Naoko Funayama is now clearly entrenched in Bruins coverage, so they'll need to find somebody else who doesn't know anything about baseball to shamelessly shove double-bacon-tuna-encrusted-pie-nuggets into their mouths on a fairly regular basis.

I can think of more than a few ex-girlfriends I'd love to nominate.