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Ellsbury's Surge Turning Heads, Not Opinions

You've watched the Red Sox the past two nights and you've read the Boston media fellate him at every turn in the corresponding 48 hours and now you, like so many members of that media want you to believe it just to generate traffic, believe that Jacoby Ellsbury is a contender for the MVP award. 

But what you're forgetting, mister-or-misses-Pink Hat, is just how low everyone was on Ells a year ago. 

Peter Gammons, of course, hits the nail on the head with this tweet at the end of Wednesday's 4-3 Red Sox win over Cleveland, in which Ellsbury hit a walk-off home run, his second walk-off hit in as many games. 

How quickly we forget that Ellsbury was on his way here before a rib injury derailed nearly his entire 2010 campaign, as Rob Bradford reminds us

Yes, his troubles in the on-base department were well-documented during his first few full seasons, but those early-career struggles just make his current successes that much more enjoyable for the fan base. 

For more on the Ellsbury situation, check out Boston Sports Media Watch, which has a healthy post encompassing the whole media scene's take on the center fielder's growth.