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Red Sox 4, Athletics 0, End 7: Somehow, The Game Continues

These umpires are persistent. The rain is falling, everyone is tired and wet (fans included), the Sox are up 4-0, and the Athletics don’t really have much to gain from a win besides. But here they are, going through the final inning motions to try and wrap this one up.

The seventh inning was marked not so much by interesting baseball occurences as by the back-and-forth chants of “Marco” and “Scutaro” (ala “Marco!” “Polo!”). If there’s one thing to be said for rain delayed games like this, it’s that it tends to distill the crowd into the best fans; both those who stayed for the long hall, and those who came late when the gate was open for all just to see a few innings on the house.

Daniel Bard is in the game now, and will hopefully end the eighth as quickly and mercifully as possible.