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Red Sox 3, Oakland 0, End 4: Erik Bedard Finds Groove, Sox Add Third Run

The Red Sox have built their lead to three runs with an RBI ground out in the fourth inning, but perhaps more important is the fact that Erik Bedard has very much found his groove.

After striking out Coco Crisp to end the second inning, Bedard has recorded two straight 1-2-3 innings, striking out three of the six batters he has faced along the way. Gone seem to be the control issues that plagued him in the first two innings, though with the weather being what it is, it’s possible that his night won’t last much longer either way.

The Sox offense did add a run in the bottom of the fourth, but in many ways wasted an opportunity. After loading the bases without any outs, the Sox could only bring around one run on Jarrod Saltalamacchia’s ground out, leaving two men on base.