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Red Sox 2, Athletics 0, End 2: David Ortiz' Long Ball Puts Sox Up Early

The Sox have once again scored first against the Athletics, with David Ortiz launching a two-run shot to give Boston the 2-0 lead.

Erik Bedard once again struggled to find the zone, allowing a leadoff walk to David DeJesus. But a two-out single would not prove to be enough to push a run across, and Coco Crisp struck out on a nasty curveball to end the threat.

Dustin Pedroia got ahead 2-0 to leadoff the bottom half, but saw the count pull even as Godfrey fired off a pair of strikes. From there, the battle was on, with Pedroia fouling off four straight offerings. The ninth pitch of the at bat, however, found fair territory, leaving Pedroia at second base with a double. David Ortiz’ at bat did not last quite as long, but proved even more costly, as Godfrey’s fastball found far too much of the plate and ended up in the Monster seats, putting the Sox up 2-0.

The homer is just the latest entry in what has been an amazing return to action for David Ortiz. The designated hitter is 9-for-17 with four doubles, three homers, and a walk since taking the protective boot off.