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Red Sox 9, Athletics 3: Sox Pound Athletics Through Lengthy Rain Delays

Red Sox 9, Athletics 3

It took two lengthy rain delays, but the Red Sox and Athletics managed to fit a full nine innings in. The outcome was all Red Sox, with the Boston lineup repaying Oakland for the punishment inflicted on Friday and Jon Lester dominating the six innings that came before the first rain delay. 

The Sox once again got off to a hot start, scoring in the first when Marco Scutaro doubled and Dustin Pedroia knocked him in. This time, however, their attack continued. After Lester allowed a leadoff homer to Brandon Allen to start the second, the Sox responded with three runs in the bottom half. With two outs already on the board, Josh Reddick fought back from an 0-2 count to draw a walk, and came around to score when Jason Varitek launched a two-run homer into the bullpens. Mike Aviles kept the inning going with an infield single, and scored the fourth Boston run of the game as Jacoby Ellsbury planted a double off the top of the wall.

The next inning had similar results. Marco Scutaro's error gave the Athletics a leadoff baserunner, who would score through a series of steals and a sacrifice fly. And the Sox immediately responded with three more runs, as Adrian Gonzalez and David Ortiz doubled around a walk from Dustin Pedroia, with Ortiz eventually scoring on a Carl Crawford sacrifice fly. 

With the Sox adding a run in each of the next two innings, the game was essentially over by the time the first rain delay came, but for whatever reason their attempts to have the blowout called early were unsuccessful, leaving them hanging around for three more hours before the ninth could finally be closed out.

The Sox will have about 30 minutes to rest before being thrown right back into game number two, where they'll have a shot to take a two-game lead over the Yankees.


Three For The Road

Ramifications From 2009?

The most curious thing about having rain delays instead of a called game is that, two years ago, the Sox had been perfectly happy to call the first game of a doubleheader against the Twins and then start the second half later in the day. This led to some controversy, though, as to whether or not it was fair for a team to end things early and spare their bullpen. Perhaps it's because of that doubleheader from two years back that the Sox were forced to play all nine today.

Moscoso Falls To Earth

Guillermo Moscoso's ERA just jumped from 3.28 to 3.80, and while it's still not really where it should be, the Red Sox exposed a guy who has been riding high on luck more than skill. Moscoso didn't strike out a single batter in his four innings of work, allowed two walks, and had both score as the Sox' balls in play actually found the ground before a glove. The Athletics are a team with a lot of good young pitching, but for the moment, Moscooso doesn't really factor in.

Weeks Runs Wild

Jemile weeks picked up three stolen bases against the Sox in game 1, and it never was even close, with Varitek not even throwing down to try and catch him, even at third. While the stolen base isn't as much as its made out to be, when a guy can turn a single into a guaranteed triple, that's bad news. While Tek did pick up the big homer, it was a sharp reminder of the veteran backstop's age, and likely his short time left with the Sox.


Red Sox MVP -- Jon Lester

After the Sox had Wakefield and the bullpen give up 15 runs Monday, Jon Lester came in and quieted them in dominant fashion. Were it not for the rain delays, Lester could well have gone eight or even nine innings with just one earned run.


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Chances are if you're reading this, then you're already missing the second half of the doubleheader. Or at least one of the inevitable rain delays.