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Red Sox 9, Athletics 2., End 6: Sox Up Big As Tarp Comes On Field

It’s a good thing this game is in the books, because the rain is coming down out in Boston. It’s not Irene rain just yet, but it’s fairly heavy, and the sort that could easily lead to the game being called.

If it were, it would end a 9-2 victory for the Sox, who scored yet again in the fifth inning, with David Ortiz’ leadoff double leading to the ninth run of the game for Boston.

With Jon Lester throwing the ball to the backstop twice as it continued to pour before the start of the seventh inning, the tarp is finally on the field. There’s some precedent for the Sox calling the first game of a doubleheader and then starting the second whenever they’re able—they did so against the Twins two years back. We’ll have to see if that’s how they’ll choose to handle today’s games with the hurricane bearing down.