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Red Sox 5, Athletics 15, Final: Wherein Darnell McDonald Pitched

The Red Sox have lost, and lost soundly to the Oakland Athletics Friday night, falling 15-5 and seeing Darnell McDonald take the mound in the ninth.

Really, though, McDonald has something to hang his hat on: giving up just two earned runs in his inning means he was not the worst pitcher for the Red Sox tonight. After all, Matt Albers had just gotten done with giving up four in the eighth.

All-in-all, the loss marks a huge letdown after a strong three-game win streak against Texas. Oakland’s lineup shouldn’t be putting up five, let alone fifteen runs against the Red Sox on a typical night, but then again Tim Wakefield nights are anything but typical.

The Sox did score once more thanks to a Josh Reddick RBI double, but somehow making it just a 10 run deficit fails to really soften the blow.