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Red Sox 1, Athletics 2, End 2: Wakefield Hits Second Inning Bump

The Red Sox have fallen behind in the second inning Friday night, as Tim Wakefield allowed two Athletics runs to cross home plate.

The first run came before a single out was made. A line drive down the left field line put Brandon Allen on second to start the inning off on the right foot for Oakland. The next quit did not involve such impressive contact, but David DeJesus’ ground ball found a hole all the same, allowing Allen to score. After a ground out from Kurt Suzuki, DeJesus too came around to score when Cliff Pennington lined a single over the head of a leaping Dustin Pedroia to put the Athletics up 2-1.

Gonzalez, meanwhile, found some easy outs against righties and switch hitters, which again isn’t particularly surprising given his generally better performance against righties throughout his career. Lefties, for the record, were 3-for-3 against him in the first inning.