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Former Village People Lead Singer To Sue Tampa Bay Rays

Further signs of the impending apocalypse:

1) The Village People are still touring

2) The Village People's former lead singer is making roughly $1 million a year on royalties from the YMCA. Not the actual YMCA, just the song.

3) That same former lead is preparing to sue the Tampa Bay Rays for using his likeness in promoting a recent Village People tour stop at the Trop.

There really isn't much more to be said about Victor Willis' plans to sue the Rays, which is perfectly viable and a sensible decision in spite of its seeming lunacy.

Willis didn't agree with the Rays using his image to promote the Village People concert last August and plans to seek legal action against them, an action in which he demands no reparations, just an apology and promise that Tampa won't ever do it again.

It seems fair, but for a guy who's still making seven figures off a song that was first made popular 22 years ago, it seems a bit much, no?

Then again, Willis admittedly wrote the song in Vancouver, and anyone who's inspired to do anything by Vancouver that doesn't involve overturning cars or looting Coach stores or losing Stanley Cup Finals Game Sevens is probably a bit off to begin with.