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MLB Announces Postseason Schedule With Intent To Finish In Time For Everyone To Do Their Halloween Shopping

Major League Baseball today announced its postseason schedule, which is set to start with the American League Divisional Series on September 30th and wrap up with Game 7 (if necessary) of the World Series on October 27th.

The dates, while not a major shift from the norm, represent MLB's desire to get the season over with before the risk of snow delaying games becomes a real possibility.

The ALDS will wrap up on October 6th at the latest, with the National League Divisional Series finishing at latest on the next day.

The American League Championship Series will start on October 8th, while the National League series starting on the 9th.

Game one of the World Series, pitting the Boston Red Sox against the Philadelphia Phillies, will be on Wednesday, October 19th. Game three, the first game of the series that will be played in Fenway Park, will take place on Saturday, October 22nd.