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Dr. Thomas Gill: 'There Is No Specific Timeframe' For Jon Lester's Return

Dr. Thomas Gill, the team doctor of the Boston Red Sox, issued a statement on Wednesday talking about Jon Lester and his left lat muscle strain, which he suffered in the fourth inning against the Toronto Blue Jays on Tuesday.

"Jon Lester had an MRI today which confirmed the diagnosis of a latissimus strain. He will be treated with a period of rest from throwing, followed by progressive strengthening program. There is no specific timeframe for his return at this time. His status will be better defined following the All-Star break." (via WEEI)

In addition, Gill also talked about Clay Buchholz, who has been dealing with a back injury.

"Clay Buchholz was seen in consultation by Dr. Craig Brigham today in Charlotte. Dr. Brigham agreed with the team's assessment that the back symptoms can be treated with rehabilitation. Clay will be advanced in his activities as his symptoms allow," Gill's statement said.

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