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Schilling On Lackey: Red Sox "Don't Have Options"

Curt Schilling appeared on WEEI today to talk baseball and, as usual, had lots of opinions to share. On troubled starter John Lackey, Schilling attested to the fact that the Red Sox aren't getting anything they didn't expect from him. 

"I don't know that you've gotten much different than what was [in Anaheim]," Schilling said. "This was a guy who always pitched to contact, a guy who didn't have — with maybe the exception of a year – was never a high strikeout guy, coming to the biggest and best and most potent offensive division in baseball.

Despite Lackey's troubles, Schilling said that the Red Sox don't have many options with the beleaguered hurler. Schilling noted that Lackey's made mention many times about how much he dislikes pitching in Fenway Park, and that the former Los Angeles Angel of Anaheim (or whatever they're called) is fighting his fair share of battles off the field (like his wife's chemotherapy treatment).

Still, Schilling was adamant that the issue wasn't with Lackey's elbow, as has been rumored. 

"You don't throw the ball over 90 miles an hour consistently if you have structural damage in your arm," he said.