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VIDEO: David Smith, 'The Human Cannonball,' Appears At Tuesday's Lowell Spinners Game

We've seen plenty of baseballs fly out of ballparks all across the country, and world for that matter. But a human being? That might be a stretch, right?

Not for David Smith, who has earned the moniker of "The Human Home Run." Smith made an appearance at Tuesday's Lowell Spinners game to show off his talent, and by that I mean he launched himself out of the ballpark from a cannon.

"I'm always afraid, but I control that pretty well," Smith said. "You see the net, and you do need to get your back in it."

While the build up may be nerve wracking, Smith says that he's calm, cool and collected once he's loaded into the cannon.

"I'm relaxed in there," he said. "I have enough confidence after all this time that I'll end up where I'm supposed to. The actual mechanics of what I have to do with my body aren't real complicated. I just have to come out head first and I have to get over to my back. So it's not a big deal."