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Roger Clemens Could Face Between 15-21 Months In Jail If Convicted Of Perjury

Roger Clemens is doing everything he can to salvage his image after being accused of using performance enhancing drugs during his Hall of Famer career.

The evidence overwhelmingly points towards Clemens using steroid, but he is defending himself at every point. However, if Clemens is found guilty of perjury, he could be facing serious jail time, according to Michael McCann of Sports Illustrated. Read McCann's comments after the jump.

If Clemens is convicted on charges that he lied to Congress about not using performance-enhancers, he could face jailtime of 15-21 months, according to McCann, however that number could change a bit.

"That's the recommendation from the sentencing guidelines," McCann said. "Now [U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton] could deviate from that. He could say, 'Well, Clemens is really unapologetic. I don't like him. Let's give him a stronger sentence. Let's really send a message.' Or he could find Clemens more appealing for whatever reason and give him a shorter sentence. But the targeted range is 15-21 months. Now if he's only convicted of one or two counts, then Walton will likely assign a much shorter sentence. It's possible he could assign home confinement which is what Barry Bonds, there's a good shot that's what he'll get ultimately. So it really will depend on the extent to which he's convicted. There could fines involved as well. He could be not guilty and sent free. It could be a hung jury. He could be retried." (via WEEI)

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