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No Surprise Here: Red Sox Are Streakiest Team In Baseball

The term "streaky" is often applied to teams that are underperforming, or that seem to struggle to come up in big spots. So when a recent study revealed that this year's Red Sox are the streakiest team in baseball, it probably seems like a bad thing, right?

Not so fast.

The study, conducted by Beyond the Box Score's Jacob Peterson, defined "streak games" as any game that is at least the third consecutive win or loss - and it proclaimed that Boston has played in 31 such games. Of those, 22 have been wins and just nine have been losses, although it probably seems like there have been way more losses.

Those numbers put them 12.2 wins above the league average and 0.3 losses below the average.

The New York Yankees have just nine streak wins and six streak losses. The Minnesota Twins are second in the league with 12 streak wins and 18 streak losses. The Atlanta Braves (three) have the fewest streak losses, while the Chicago Cubs have the fewest streak wins, with none.