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Red Sox Vs. White Sox: Chicago Takes 3-1 Lead As A.J. Pierzynski Goes Deep

The Red Sox have lost their lead against the White Sox, with Chicago tying the game on some small-ball in the sixth, and taking the lead on some decidedly large ball in the seventh.

The Red Sox squandered a major offensive opportunity in the top of the sixth, though it wasn’t entirely their fault. With the bases loaded, two outs, and a 2-2 count, Kevin Youkilis took a pitch away and was rung up when he most certainly should not have been.

The White Sox took advantage of their renewed life in the bottom of the inning with some small-ball. Juan Pierre led off the frame with a bunt single, was moved to second by another bunt—this one from Omar Vizquel—and then reached third on a passed ball. With just one out, Paul Konerko just needed to put the ball in the air, and did so, bringing Pierre home with a sacrifice fly.

Still, the Sox had the lead, and Wakefield had allowed just one solid hit all night. But things changed quickly in the seventh, as Wakefield gave up a leadoff walk to Carlos Quentin, and then allowed a knuckleball to float a bit too much en route to A.J. Pierzynski, who put a home run swing on it and knocked it out of the park to make it 3-1.