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VIDEO: Red Sox' Josh Beckett Makes Dylan Sylvia's Day By Giving Him Ball

Sometimes we all need reminders that sports aren't just about winning and losing, they're about the fans of the game too. The story of Dylan Sylvia is a prime example, and it reminds us how important sports are to the lives of many, especially the children.

Sylvia, along with his father and grandfather, were making their first trip ever to Fenway Park. As Sylvia was taking a picture of his favorite pitcher, Josh Beckett, the Red Sox' ace walked towards him and gave him the ball he was holding. The reaction, seen in the video below, was just priceless.

Sylvia and his family were invited into the NESN studios after the game, where they got to relive the moment and enjoy their 15 seconds of fame.

This story truly warmed my heart. I spend many a day writing about the Red Sox and other sports teams, but sometimes you forget that it's not the on-field performances that really matter, but the fans themselves.

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