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Adrian Gonzalez Not Worried About Post-All Star Break Slump

With Jacoby Ellsbury having belted more home runs in the past week than he has in the past month, there's reason for Red Sox fans to be concerned about Adrian Gonzalez' power numbers. 

Gonzalez said this morning on WEEI that his swing was thrown off by the all-star break, but that he feels better about it now and isn't looking to change anything despite the dip in his slash numbers. 

"I've been swinging the bat well lately, hitting the ball hard, just not getting it up in the air as much as I would want to. But when you're getting hits, you can't try to change anything. You can't try to elevate the ball, because when you start trying to do things like that, then you put yourself into some kind of a slump. So, you just plug along."

Gonzalez is hitting .306 (15-49) since the all-star break, with one double, no home runs and just seven RBIs.