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MLB Trade Rumors: Do The Red Sox Really Need Hiroki Kuroda?

Hiroki Kuroda is scheduled to make what could be his final start with the Los Angeles Dodgers on Wednesday, as the 36-year-old right hander is drawing interest from many teams across the league, including the Boston Red Sox.

Kuroda has been slightly better than average in his four seasons, owning a record of 34-42 with a 3.52 ERA and 459 strikeouts in 103 games - all but one of which he has started in. This season, Kuroda has a sub par 6-12 record with career-best 3.19 ERA and 97 strikeouts through 20 starts. 

While Kuroda's win totals have been less than impressive, it's important to remember that he has been playing with the Dodgers, who have struggled mightily this season while suffering through the poor management of Frank McCourt.

However, Kuroda's ERA is encouraging. He has consistently posted ERAs in the middle-to-upper threes. Still, it's only fair to ask if Kuroda is really what the Red Sox need, or if it would be worth sticking with the status quo.

Injuries have hampered the Red Sox' rotation, and John Lackey has been ineffective (and that's really sugarcoating it). With that in mind, it seems like Theo Epstein should look for all of the help he can get, as he can always move a pitcher to the bullpen.

Also, there is the issue of Kuroda's no-trade clause. Kuroda hasn't turned down any teams yet, saying that he will thoroughly think about any teams once the Dodgers present him with a possible trade scenario.

If Epstein can acquire Kuroda with relative ease, and without giving up a lot of money or a good prospect, it's certainly worth looking into.

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