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MLB Trade Rumors: Would Cubs' Alfonso Soriano Fit With Red Sox?

Alfonso Soriano was once considered one of the premier players in baseball. Now, the Chicago Cubs - who signed him to an eight-year deal worth $136 million - are eager to get rid of the struggling infielder turned outfielder.

So much so, that they would be willing to eat most of his contract, which has $60 million remaining on it.

The Chicago Cubs would be willing to absorb a high percentage of left fielder Alfonso Soriano's contract if the right trade offer came along, a source familiar with the situation told (via ESPN Chicago)

It's clear that the Cubs want to part ways with Soriano, and it's also clear that the Red Sox are in the market for another outfielder. With that being the case, would Soriano be a good fit for Boston?

Soriano is having an off season, batting .249 with 14 home runs and 41 RBI in 82 games. While his numbers aren't on par with what he should be producing based on his contract, they are a vast improvement from J.D. Drew's numbers. Drew has had an absolutely horrendous season, batting .223 with four homers and 22 RBI.

The salaries don't match up, though, as Drew is owed $14 million this season and Soriano is owed $19 million. It's unclear how much of Soriano's contract the Cubs are willing to cover, and no guarantee that Chicago wants Drew, although he does have an expiring contract.

Carlos Beltran would probably be a better fit for the Red Sox, but Soriano is not a terrible option if most of his salary is covered. In the end, it's all up to Theo Epstein.

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