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Red Sox Vs. Orioles: Sox Trail 3-0 After Three

The Red Sox are in an early hole against the Baltimore Orioles as Baltimore starter Jeremy Guthrie is outclassing his Red Sox counterpart in Kyle Weiland.

For Weiland, the problems are much the same as they were last week: the ball is up, and the ball is hittable. Even when the rookie starter is ahead in the count, he's offering up meatballs, such as the 1-2 changeup to Mark Reynoldsthat floated over the plate about belt-high and was  knocked off the wall in left for an RBI double in the second. The O's would add another run in the inning on a groundout, and picked up a third in the next inning when Weiland allowed three straight men to reach with two outs.

Jeremy Guthrie, meanwhile, is keeping the ball low and forcing the Sox to pound it into the dirt. As a result, he's already been the benificiary of two double plays. The Sox aren't looking quite as inept as they did against Tampa Bay and Jeff Niemann, but they had to be hoping for more against Guthrie.