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Red Sox Vs. Rays: Scoreless Duel Continues Into Seventh Inning

Three more innings gone, and Sunday night’s Red SoxRays game has seen just two more baserunners.

The good news is that both have come from the Red Sox, with Niemann giving up a single to Dustin Pedroia to lead off the fourth, and a walk to Josh Reddick in the fifth.

The bad news is that neither man came around to score, with a stolen base for Pedroia being the only movement from either of them.

The long fly balls have continued some for Beckett, but the strikeouts have also been notching up, with Beckett now holding five to his name. Perhaps more importantly, given the nature of this game, he only took 28 pitches to get through the fourth, fifth, and sixth innings, bringing his pitch count under control.

Meanwhile, Dustin Pedroia is getting some highlights ready for an eventual Gold Glove candidacy. He’s robbed both Casey Kotchman and Reid Brignac in the last couple innings, while Brignac did the same to him in the top of the sixth.