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Red Sox Vs. Rays: Rays Build Lead To 9-3 After Six

Things are largely unchanged down in Tampa Bay, where the Rays hold a healthy six-run lead over the Red Sox.

After Miller’s terrible start, Alfredo Aceves held down the fort for a few innings, keeping Tampa from adding any more in the fourth and fifth innings. Unfortunately, the Sox could not take advantage beyond a solo shot from Dustin Pedroia, with Price keeping the base paths largely empty, leaving the game with six solid innings under his belt.

With the Sox trailing 7-3 through five-and-a-half, it was still close enough to be considered a game. But, with one man on and two away, Wheeler threw a hanging slider to Casey Kotchman, who took him out of the yard for a two-run homer, giving the Rays a commanding 9-3 lead.

Price is out of the game now with the Sox having built up his pitch count well over 100, but they’re down to just three innings left, and the Rays bullpen just isn’t that bad.