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Terry Francona Criticizes All-Star Game

Boston Red Sox skipper Terry Francona criticized the All-Star Game Thursday morning on WEEI, saying that its role in determining who has home-field advantage in the World Series is "just not real consistent."

It's a criticism that's echoed by many throughout the league - although it's safe to guess that many of the players who skipped the All-Star Game don't really have much to say about it.

"Maybe the significance of this game has run its course … I know what they were trying to do with the game, and I think they accomplished it, but maybe it’s run its course. There’s maybe better ways to figure out home field … I just think the way they’re playing the game, with the fan voting, they want interviews in the dugout, they want a lot of things to make it not like a regular season game, and then at the end you end up treating it like the most important regular-season game of the year … It’s just not real consistent, and there is a lot riding on it."