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Red Sox Vs. Astros: Tim Wakefield's Struggles Continue, Astros Open Up 5-1 Lead After Six

The Astros have taken a 5-1 lead and chased Tim Wakefield from the game in the sixth inning, leaving the Red Sox in desperate straits as the game enters the late innings.

The Sox had their chance to build Bud Norris’ pitch count, but ended up giving up some very quick outs to the Houston starter despite Drew Sutton earning a 7-pitch walk in the fifth and Pedroia a 6-pitch free pass in the sixth, leaving him set to start the seventh inning.

Houston’s offense, meanwhile, has had no trouble keeping it up against Tim Wakefield. The knuckleball hasn’t fooled anyone tonight, leading to a fourth run in the fifth on a double from Carlos Lee, and a fifth run in the sixth thanks to an RBI from Bud Norris himself. The Red Sox’ inability to get pitchers out during this road trip has been an embarrassing mystery.

A leaping grab from Marco Scutaro and a few good outs from Dan Wheeler has kept the Sox within four, but they’ll have to get to work soon if they want to dig out of this hole.