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Dustin Pedroia Has Bruised Kneecap, Expected To Play Friday

The results are in, and Dustin Pedroia is not headed for surgery. According to Sean McAdam, the examination on the Red Sox second baseman has revealed a simple bruised kneecap—hardly something that should send him to the disabled list.

Panic erupted throughout Red Sox Nation Wednesday night when word got out that Dustin Pedroia was returning to Boston after the Red Sox’ 11-6 victory over the Yankees to have his knee examined by team doctor Thomas Gill.

While it hasn’t been the most impressive year for Pedroia offensively, his contributions with the glove have been undeniably impressive, and even the bat has been coming along lately, with Pedroia having struck out only twice in his last 50 trips to the plate.With young prospect Yamaico Navarro suffering through an oblique strain and neither Marco Scutaro nor Jed Lowrie inspiring much confidence of late, an injury to Pedroia could have been bad news for the Sox.

Instead, though, it’s just a typical day off, and he’ll likely be back to batting second Friday night against the Toronto Blue Jays.