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2011 MLB Draft: Red Sox Add Talent In Early Rounds Of Day Two

Round 2: Williams Jerez -- A 6'4" high school outfielder with a very high ceiling. If Jerez can put it all together, he can hope to live up to the comparisons he's drawn to Carlos Beltran. Some question his age, however, as Jerez does look rather mature for 19.

Round 3: Jordan Weems -- A curious pick, especially after drafting Swihart on Monday. Weems is a high shool catcher out of Columbus with a good arm, solid swing mechanics, but not much in the way of ceiling. 

Round 4: Noe Ramirez -- Cal State Fullerton's ace lefty, Ramirez is a sinkerballer with a very strong changeup. Without much in the way of velocity, Ramirez is another low-ceiling pick, but with a rather high floor to match it. 

Round 5: Markus Betts -- An athletic, slap-hitting shortstop with good speed who will probably end up moving to second due to a questionable arm. Also sure to improve team morale with his nickname "Mookie", so there's that.

Round 6: Miguel Pena -- Left-handed JuCo pitcher with decent stuff and great command. Frame would suggest improvements can be made, but few have been seen since he was drafted in the fifth round out of high school. Possible makeup issues.

Round 7: Cody Kukuk -- Left-handed high school pitcher with a scholarship to Kansas. Big projectability despite already hitting 93 with his fastball. Mechanics and secondary offerings need work, but has the potential to do big things in the future with the proper instruction. Definitely a "signability" guy in the seventh round who could draw big bonus figures.

Round 8: Senquez Golson -- Another signability guy with a commitment to play football for Ole Miss. Golson is an outfielder with--stop me if you've heard this before--big tools, but not a ton of polish or experience in baseball, which means the Sox will need to pay out big money based primarily on his physical athleticism.

Round 9: Travis Shaw -- Something of a retread for the Red Sox, who failed to sign Shaw back in 2008. The Kent State third baseman. Has a good looking power stroke from the left-hand side of the plate and a good eye for balls and strikes, but hasn't quite seen the success expected of him in college yet. Could end up at first base in the long run.

Round 10: Cody Koback -- Speedy outfielder with fringe power out of the University of Wisconsin at Steven's Point. Needs polish in some of the finer aspects of the game, but has shown the ability to hit perhaps above expectations in every venue he's played.