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2011 MLB Draft: Red Sox Select Catcher Blake Swihart At No. 26

The Red Sox have selected high-school catcher Blake Swihart out of New Mexico with the 26th pick of the 2011 MLB Draft.

One of the biggest holes in the Red Sox' system for years, this first round pick might finally provide Boston with their catcher of the future once-and-for-all. While the 19-year-old Swihart is a ways away from the majors, he has a very impressive all-around bat, to the point where he could well play in the corners of either the outfield or infield.

That being said, while Swihart's defense behind the plate is a bit raw, and his frame not exactly typical for a catcher, the question marks are not nearly so great as for other prospects like Jesus Montero and current Red Sox prospect Ryan Lavarnway. If the Sox are willing to keep him behind the plate, he should be able to develop there, and given their need at the position, it's hard to imagine they'll do anything else.

The other biggest issue is Swihart's price tag, as a commitment to Texas was a large part of what let Swihart fall to the Sox. That being said, the Red Sox have never been ones to shy away from big money, and there's a general consensus that Swihart can be bought away from the Longhorns. 

Here's a look at the newest Red Sox catching prospect from