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MLB Draft 2011: Seven Things You Should Know From SB Nation

The 2011 MLB Draft is less than three hours away, and the Red Sox own four of the first fifty picks. While there has been plenty of build up, Jeff Sullivan of SB Nation put together a list of seven important things to know prior to tonight's draft. Here's a sampling.

The opinions of the many trace back to the opinions of the few

Everybody who follows the MLB draft has opinions on the MLB draft. Everybody has their own favorite players and least favorite players, and when things go right or wrong, a lot of people will respond with remarkable emotion. The majority of these people have never actually seen the players play. Thorough scouting reports are generated by a select few, and these reports spread like a brushfire. Which isn't to say that the reports are wrong. Many reports are accurate. But scouting is a subjective art, and scouting opinions should never be taken as gospel. Draft time tricks people into making conclusive statements when they should not.

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