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Red Sox Vs. Phillies: John Lackey Helps His Own Cause, Ties Game At 1-1 After Six

The Red Sox may have stuffed Adrian Gonzalez and David Ortiz into the same National League lineup for offense’s sake, but amazingly enough, their only run comes courtesy of John Lackey.

With Lackey having settled down, the Sox only needed the one run to tie the game, which came in the fifth inning. Josh Reddick collected his second hit of the game against Vance Worley to set up the run, which came in the fifth inning. Marco Scutaro flew out to bring up pitcher John Lackey, who did one of the last things anyone expected him to do—turned on a pitch down-and-in, launching a double just over the glove of Shane Victorino to bring home the run.

The Adrian Gonzalez experiment has still yet to really begin, with a double to Jacoby Ellsbury in center being really the only thing close. David Ortiz has avoided any terrible errors at first, too.