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Red Sox Vs. Phillies: Philadelphia Scores In Second, Takes 1-0 Lead To Fourth

The Red Sox are behind 1-0 after some early second inning trouble for John Lackey.

After escaping a two-hit first with a double play from Ryan Howard, Lackey gave up a leadoff double down the line to Shane Victorino, who quickly scored when the next batter—Raul Ibanez—singled into center on the first pitch he saw.

The Sox, meanwhile, have struggled in their first look at Vance Worley, with Josh Reddick being the only one to reach base against him the first time through the lineup. But Marco Scutaro, John Lackey, and Jacoby Ellsbury could do nothing to move him along.

So far, though, so good for Adrian Gonzalez in the outfield. He’s only had one ball come in his direction, and that was a ground ball through the right side—hardly a difficult situation. Hopefully he won’t be tested too much harder as the game continues, though Lackey hasn’t exactly been keeping the ball out of play.