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Boston Red Sox Reportedly Cannot Add More Money To Payroll

With the July 31 Trade Deadline looming, teams around Major League Baseball will be looking to either improve their club by acquiring needs, or selling off their roster in hopes of rebuilding for the future.  Sitting in second place in the American League East at 45-33, the Boston Red Sox would be in the market to acquire talent.  At least, so they thought.

Red Sox cannot add payroll, which means with RF washout and McDonald/Cameron 0 production, they can take no $. Dream Jeff Baker. period.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

According to MLB Network's Peter Gammons (via Twitter), the Red Sox cannot add additional money to their payroll. Gammons brings up the number one area of need for the Red Sox at the moment, right field, as a prime spot that could be improved.  

With Carl Crawford on the disabled list and J.D. Drew's struggles, the Red Sox have been forced to use Darnell McDonald (.109/.169/.174) and Mike Cameron (.154/.218/.275)  in their corner outfield slots when a left-handed pitcher is pitching.  Gammons truely evokes panic, as he ends his tweet with "Dream Jeff Baker. Period."

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