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Red Sox Vs. Phillies: Philadelphia Opens Up 5-0 Lead After Six

Two is an unlucky number for Josh Beckett tonight. Two homers, each with two outs, both of them accounting for two runs.

The most recent bomb came in the sixth inning from Shane Victorino, who’s been a huge part of the Phillies’ offense this year. With Beckett struggling to find control of his fastball, he fell behind to Victorino 3-1 before delivering a flat, floating fastball down-the-middle. There’s no getting something like that by a good hitter, and sure enough, Victorino hit an absolute rocket that was a no-doubter off the bat.

If there’s one thing the Red Sox can hang their hats on, it’s that Cliff Lee will not be no-hitting them tonight. Marco Scutaro picked up a base hit on a fly ball to left field, breaking up the attempt in the sixth inning. Josh Beckett promptly grounded into a double play, however, leaving Lee still just one batter over the minimum through six.