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Red Sox Vs. Pirates: Stranded Runners, Defensive Miscues Leave Sox Behind 3-1 After Six

The Red Sox trail the Pirates 3-1 in what is becoming an increasingly frustrating game for Boston.

The third run can be credited to one Kevin Youkilis, who botched an easy double play ball in the bottom of the sixth, eventually allowing leadoff man Neil Walker (who had reached base on an infield single—also to Youkilis) to double the Pirates’ lead.

It’s been still more frustration for the Red Sox’ offense, which has now stranded seven men on the night. Six of those have been left on base with two outs by Darnell McDonald, while Mike Cameron adds his own 0-for-3 with two strikeouts.

Even when the Sox are hitting things aren’t working out, as the top of the sixth inning ended when Marco Scutaro lined sharply into a double play with Jason Varitek moving.

With Jon Lester’s pitch count well over 100 and the pitcher’s spot in the lineup up next, it’s hard to imagine he’ll be back out for the bottom of the seventh. Of course, it won’t matter what the Red Sox’ bullpen can do if the offense can’t score any runs.