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J.D. Drew May Not Be Giving Red Sox Fans What They Want, But He's Hardly A Bust

While the Red Sox lineup has been rocking and rolling since the calendar turned to May, J.D.Drew has been getting left in the dust. 

The highly-paid right fielder has come up big in some clutch situations, but he's not been the consistent offensive threat that most fans want him to be. 

But according to Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe, over the life of his contract, Drew's given the Red Sox exactly what they'd have gotten from any comparable player. 

Whether it's Bobby Abreu, Ichiro Suzuki, Nick Markakis or another, less regular outfielder, Drew has performed reliably, if not admirably, with the bat in his hands. He's been an asset on defense - except for that time he caught the foul ball in Tampa last season - which is something that's gone under the radar in Fenway Park's deep right field. 

Drew, who came to Boston with a history of fighting injuries - namely his hamstring and his back - has stayed relatively healthy while wearing a Red Sox uniform, which is something the team and its fans can't say about other high-priced 2007 acquisitions (looking at you, Daisuke Matsuzaka) and has been a reliable presence in the outfield, which continues to be an underrated part of his game. 

It's pretty safe to bet that he won't be back after this season, especially if Ryan Kalish can return to health and have a productive second half of his season, so Sox fans might as well enjoy the defense while it lasts and hope that Drew can continue to deliver the clutch hit when the team needs it most.