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Red Sox Vs. Padres: Padres Lead 1-0 After Three Rain-Soaked Innings

The Red Sox and Padres have had to sit through two half-hour long rain delays—one coming before the game even started—but for now they’re playing baseball in Fenway Park.

In many ways, Wednesday’s game is looking a lot like Tuesday’s so far. The Red Sox are out-hitting the Padres 6-to-2, but thanks to an untimely double play and an unlucky lineout—both off the bat of David Ortiz—have failed to push any runs across.

The lone run for the Padres came in the first at bat, when Lackey grooved a 2-2 slider middle-middle to Wil Venable. The ball left the yard, and the Padres took the lead. Oddly enough, Varitek seem to have set up right around where the ball ended up. Regardless of whether it was due to miscommunication, or just puzzling decision making, that is not a pitch that should be thrown.

The rain seems to be sticking around, but not heavy enough to call out the tarp just yet. There’s no telling when it will be back in force, though, so if the Sox are planning to score today, they’d best be quick about it.