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Adrian Gonzalez Gives Red Sox Tie In Sixth Inning, David Ortiz Steals A Base

So far, this has been a game of missed opportunities for the Red Sox. At least now it's a tie.

After a 1-2-3-4 inning from Alfredo Aceves, the Sox pulled within one run in the bottom of the fourth when Josh Reddick doubled off the wall in center to bring Marco Scutaro all the way home from first. Once again, though, Adrian Gonzalez ran into some tough luck when he was rung up on a pitch that appeared to be outside. 

The fifth was filled with surprises for both sides. First there was Alfredo Aceves striking out two batters in his first clean inning of the night--hardly what one would expect after his difficult second and third innings. But what happened in the bottom of the frame was much more unusual.

With David Ortiz on first, Mat Latos was paying little attention to anything other than the man at the plate. So when David Ortiz broke for second way too early, he didn't notice it. He also didn't notice when David Ortiz skidded to a stop halfway, and by that point, it was too late. Latos came home, Ortiz started running again, and was in safe at second.

The Sox wouldn't score in that inning, but the story would be different in the sixth, thanks to a ground ball single with runners at the corners which made it 4-4. The Sox could have had more, but Jacoby Ellsbury made a curious call to try to steal second with one out and a man at third, and was caught while Marco Scutaro stood idly 90 feet from home, presumably unaware that the steal was on in the first place.