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Should Red Sox Pursue Jose Reyes?

Jose Reyes is undoubtedly one of the top shortstops in baseball. Reyes, who is in the middle of a contract year, would be a good fit on nearly any team, and the Boston Red Sox certainly aren't excluded from the mix.

But would Reyes be a good (and logical) fit in Boston in wake of the injury to Jed Lowrie? Peter Abraham of The Boston Globe considered the thought in his most recent post on the Extra Bases blog.

Do they need him? The Sox already have a high-powered offense. Reyes would make it even better. But pitching wins. Trading for Reyes would use up chips that could be used to pursue a pitcher if that need arise.

Abraham also pointed out that the Red Sox have invested a pretty penny - 800 million of them exactly ($8 million) - in promising shortstop Jose Iglesias, so it's not likely that they would give up on him that quickly.

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