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Red Sox Vs. Yankees: David Ortiz Thanks Media For Getting Hit By Pitch

David Ortiz was hit for the first time ever against the New York Yankees, as southpaw CC Sabathia nailed the Red Sox' designated hitter with a pitch in the right thigh during the fourth inning of Thursday night's game.

Following the game, an angry Ortiz blamed the media for getting hit.

"I want to thank you guys -- not all of you, most of you -- for the stat today of me not getting hit by the Yankees. Finally got hit," Ortiz said after informing the media he would not be taking questions but simply giving his statement. "Hope you [expletives] are happy." (via

Ortiz flipped his bat with a touch of drama after a home run in the series opener, drawing ire from Yankees manager Joe Girardi. Naturally, Ortiz didn't exactly have the same thought process as the Yankees' skipper on the issue.

"I don't care what Joe Girardi says," Ortiz said to a New York writer. "Take it like a man. I'm done with that.(via

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