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VIDEO: David Ortiz Hits Ninth-Inning Go-Ahead Pinch-Hit Homer

So very many hyphens...


Perhaps no man has come through more routinely in the clutch for the Boston Red Sox than David Ortiz. The author of numerous walk-off hits for the Red Sox in his nine years with the team, Ortiz would not have that opportunity Sunday, since the Sox were on the road. Called on to pinch-hit in the ninth inning of a 3-3 game, however, he would have a shot at the next best thing.


If the go-ahead home run that followed (video of which can be viewed here, on  seemed somehow familiar, that's because David Ortiz has only one other at bat against Jose Valverde in his career. That one, back on July 30, 2010 resulted in a grand slam that almost brought the Sox back from a 6-1 deficit. The Sox would eventually lose that game, but they would not lose Sunday's.


David Ortiz is now hitting .306/.378/.559 on the season with 11 homers, putting him on pace for 34 on the season. No, don't look at the calendar, I can assure you that, as much as it may feel like 2007, this is very much 2011.