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Second Half Of Red Sox Doubleheader Will Be Broadcast On NESN

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In case you missed it, NESN has announced that the second half of the Red Sox and Tigers' doubleheader will be televised Sunday night.


While initial indications were that ESPN's exclusivity agreement (they had been scheduled to air the game Saturday before it was rained out) would keep the game off the air, the networks were apparently able to work out some sort of agreement.


This seems like a good deal all-around. ESPN can't be losing that many viewers to competition--it's hard to see, after all, how either fan base would be willing to tune in to watch the game and network that had kept them off the air. Now ESPN gets to be the good guys and NESN gets to put on a game featuring Josh Beckett and Justin Verlander


Weather permitting, the game will have a typical 7:05 p.m. start time. With the Sox having taken the first half of the doubleheader 4-3, Boston will be going for the sweep.